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Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain Publish 2019-20 Annual Report


The Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain have released their Annual Report for 2019 to 2020.

The commissioners provide updates on their strategic objectives and recognise the efforts of staff and industry.

A large part is dedicated to the flexible and pragmatic measures put in place to support and regulate the road transport industries during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. These measures allowed the continuation of effective regulation on behalf of the road transport industries and public during this difficult period. The specific topics covered in this area include:

  • a change in regulatory approach, proportionate to the circumstances of the pandemic
  • issuing practical advice for operators
  • helping to ensure vehicle safety during lockdown
  • devising a way to check on compliance standards
  • working to introduce virtual training
  • supporting bus operations

Reflecting on the report, the Senior Traffic Commissioner Richard Turfitt said:

I extend my sincere thanks to the critical workers within the road transport industry who have continued to do vital work during the pandemic, delivering essential food, medicines and emergency personnel to the benefit of us all.

This report recognises how important safe and reliable transport has been to the national effort.

I am proud of the way that TCs and their staff continued their work to keep Britain safe and supplied. Their positivity and professionalism, adapting to new ways of working, represents the OTC at its best.

The Annual Report also contains statistics describing the licensing and regulatory activities. The data recognises the achievements of the commissioners and their support during the year, notably:

  • 11,803 operator licence applications and variations processed
  • 15,640 local bus registrations processed
  • 1,541 public inquiries
  • 318 preliminary hearings
  • 17,937 driver conduct cases closed