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Torfaen Council Approves £460,000 Investment in Voluntary Sector


During March, Cllr David Daniels, Torfaen’s Executive Member for Communities and Poverty council approved an additional £18,000 for the major grants budget for Third Sector organisations in Torfaen.

Thirteen of Torfaen’s Third Sector organisations who were existing recipients of funding support formally re-applied for funding support for the period from 2017-2020.

The original allocated budget of £441,748 has been increased by £18,432 to £460,180.

Cllr Daniels said:

‘‘A number of funding options were considered but the preferred option required just a small amount of additional funding for third sector grants without significant opportunity cost or adding costs to other parts of the organisation.’

‘We see investment in the local community and voluntary sector as being the best buy in financial terms but also in providing our citizens with access to information and services to help with very real, everyday challenges. This year we’ve been able to commit nearly  £150,000  to the local Citizens Advice Bureau in recognition of the difficulties families are currently facing, whether they are struggling with complex benefit changes imposed by the UK government. As well as these types of specialist services, our investment also enables targeted activities in places like Cold Barn Farm, South West Cwmbran and Woodlands Field, Penygarn.

‘To support and enable wider access to services, we have also invested in Torfaen Community Transport and the Torfaen Voluntary Alliance.’

Organisation, Allocation 2017/18

  • Age Connects Torfaen £30,090
  • Cold Barn Farm, £15,430
  • CoStar Partnership, £41,650
  • CCYP £16,300
  • Garnsychan Partnership £57,930
  • Pontypool Community Council £12,920
  • Torfaen Aids for the Disabled, £4,630
  • Torfaen CAB, £71,740
  • Torfaen CAB, £35,000
  • Torfaen CAB, £42,000
  • Torfaen Community Transport, £33,500
  • Torfaen Gypsies and Travellers Association, £8,800
  • Torfaen Voluntary Alliance (TVA), £41,470
  • Woodlands Field, £38,720
  • Youth/Play Service, £10,000

Total grant £460,180