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Top Five Tips to Deal with Cyber Security for SMEs


As per the previous article in this series, CyberLaw is focussing on the different types of cybercrime. The purpose of this article is to share the top five online security tips, recognising of course that this is no substitute for a comprehensive security approach.

Cybersecurity should be a small businesses’ top priority and cybercriminals are aware that small businesses have smaller security budgets and often outdated systems.  These are simple, effective tips that will get businesses thinking about security and help minimise risks.

  1. Always be careful when clicking on attachments to emails. Look for inconsistencies e.g. an unusual approach from the CFO who always addresses colleagues in a certain way. Look for spelling mistakes in url’s, this may be an attempt to direct you to a harmful domain
  2. Be conscious of what you plug into your computer. Malware can easily be spread through infected flash drives, hard drives and smartphones
  3. Make sure you back up our data regularly, and ensure anti-virus software is up-to-date
  4. Practice good password management using a strong mix of numbers and characters and never share your password with anyone and don’t use the same password for multiple sites
  5. Constantly educate colleagues about the importance of security measures, hold regular seminars, distribute policies about hacking, data breaches and use of devices in the organisation. Make training mandatory and regularly test colleagues’ IT security knowledge

Obviously, a comprehensive security approach will involve more that these five tips, but these will go some way to address a number of the inherent risks.