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Tidy Towns Project focuses on Holyhead


This year, the Tidy Towns Project has a focus on Holyhead reducing fly tipping, improving waste collection points and helping to improve recycling across the town.

The project is developing strategies to target and prosecute fly-tippers. Members of the project team will also be visiting households to discuss recycling and improvements to collecting their recycling to make it easier to recycle and encourage more people to get involved.

“The Waste Management Section look forward to encouraging people in Holyhead to recycle more. The project team are talking to householders in the centre of Holyhead about their collection points for recycling and where it is best to put out their recycling for collection. The Waste Management Section are keen to make it easier for people to recycle more and looking at how we can make this more convenient is an important first step,” says Angela, Tidy Towns Project Co-ordinator.

The project will also be tackling fly-tipping in Holyhead.

“We see large amounts of fly-tipping every week in Holyhead, so we are determined to stamp it out. We are about to begin a programme of investigating and prosecuting the culprits. Fly-tipping is anti-social and an offence. It is disrespectful to the hundreds of people in Holyhead who recycle and dispose of their waste properly,” says Angela.

As part of the project team, the Waste Management Section’s promotional team will be talking to residents in Holyhead as the new recycling system is launched across the island this autumn.

“The new system is designed to allow people to recycle a much wider range of items than ever, so there should be very little waste going into the black bin. Recycling will be collected every week from food waste to paper and card, so we are looking forward to seeing the new system introduced and helping people get used to it,” says Angela.