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Think Air and Suez Join Hands to Boost Air Quality and Public Health Solutions


South Wales-based air quality consulting firm Think Air and SUEZ, a global player in the environmental services sector, have agreed an alliance of their working objectives to provide innovative joint service offerings to address the UK's indoor and outdoor air quality issues. 

Launched in mid-2021, Think Air is a leader in the analysis and understanding of relative risk of public health impacts of exposure to a wide range of indoor and outdoor air pollutants. It is also a UK leader in diagnostics, modelling and solutions for indoor and outdoor air quality. The company's research and development division is headed by Swansea University Professor Emeritus Dr Paul Lewis ­– a regional Clean Air Champion in the UK and a driving force behind the Welsh government's Clean Air Act for Wales.

SUEZ, a major player in environmental services for over 160 years, offers a broad portfolio of air quality services and solutions, which seek to address air quality agendas, such as odour, public health, and climate change. It is committed to working with communities and industry leaders in the UK and worldwide, especially in strengthening its approach and interpretation of air quality datasets.

Think Air and SUEZ will jointly work on public health-related projects, such as indoor air quality studies and outdoor air quality assessments. Think Air’s expertise at making parallels with available public health and air quality data will be valuable in strengthening the innovative technologies and offerings by SUEZ. This is especially crucial when integrating innovative remediation solutions that are known to have public health benefits.

Speaking on the alliance, Craig Lewis, Business Development Manager of SUEZ Air & Climate Division said: 

“It is our key priority to provide a full value chain air quality service with the capacity to comprehensively diagnose, monitor, survey, and integrate solutions that address public health impacts associated with poor air quality.

“Think Air's integration of its air quality data management service and corresponding public health expertise will prove to be complementary to SUEZ's existing air quality portfolio. This will encourage correct decisions for the benefit of public health.”

Graeme Thomson, Think Air’s Managing Director added: 

“Improving the lives of the millions affected by air pollution in the UK and beyond is why we launched Think Air. This alliance with SUEZ now enables us to reach new public sector and private clients currently grappling with urgent environmental issues.”