The Welsh Start Up Delivering Educational Experiences Around the World


The Youth Development Agency, based in Cardiff, was established around three years ago.

The firm provides innovative programmes which deliver formal and non-formal educational experiences for young people outside of the classroom.

With a philosophy that believes that all young people should have access to meaningful and engaging personal development experiences which empowers them to recognise their potential, to contribute positively to their community and to become responsible global citizens. The firm has quickly established itself on the international stage and now delivers programmes around the world.

The company started with humble beginnings, the idea forming between the co-founder over a beer in Cyprus who noticed a lack of those with educational experience running trips and programmes.

The company has not been without its challenges though, difficulties with not just dealing with companies but also staff that cover a range of time zones added a unique element alongside the usual growing pains experienced by start-ups.

Their hard work has recently been rewarded though with scooping up the prize for Global Start-up of the year at the Wales Start-up Awards.

Speaking on the award Co-founder and Director David Williams said;

“This award is validation for all the hard work that has gone into the Youth Development Agency. As entrepreneurs we can often have our heads down, focused on getting the job done. But winning this award brought a moment where we could really take just exactly how far we have come and what we have achieved so far.”

We have an amazing team of people and to be able to share this award with them is a great achievement.”

Also crediting the South Wales business scene for their success, the company will be looking to expand its programmes even further, including branching out to deliver programmes to countries in Africa.

If you would like to find out more about the Youth Development Agency, please visit their website.