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14 September 2021

The Welsh Social Enterprise Supporting Businesses Large and Small

Antur Cymru Enterprise is a social enterprise working to meet the needs of communities in Wales. By supporting the establishment and growth of thriving businesses both large and small,  Antur Cymru offers business advice to regional and local businesses, rural communities, and town centre business communities alike.

Business News Wales chats to Bronwen Raine, Managing Director of Antur Cymru.

Regarding the company, Bronwen said:

“We’re a business that has been trading for 42 years and we were set up with the purpose of fostering and encouraging establishments of business. This meant working with them, sharing information and giving them support and guidance.”

Antur Cymru Enterprise delivers the Business Wales Advice service in Mid Wales, West Wales, and North Wales together with a range of commercial and specialist business consultancy services. We currently manage the New Skills New Start programme, supporting people into self-employment and we support young entrepreneurs setting up businesses via the Welsh Government Big Ideas Wales programme.

Antur Cymru Enterprise also manages the Brechfa Wind Farm Fund.

But why might a startup business consider Antur? Bronwen follows:

“Working with business support massively impacts on your survivability. Working with an agency like us also gives a better understanding of your opportunities to borrow and how to approach lenders and how to put the best business case before a lender.”

With more than 60 professionals working across Mid, West and North Wales, Antur Cymru provide local Business Wales Advisers and Business Wales Mentors.

Business Wales advisors work with new businesses to prepare a business plan, identify funding sources including Startup Loans, small business finance opportunities, loan finance for larger projects and when available, help to apply for grant funding.

Further specialist business advice is also available including free business webinars around managing finances, marketing strategy and communication plans, including digital marketing, Human Resource Management, Tendering, International Trade and Sustainable Business Practice. Workshops are supplemented by one to one support and advice.


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