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23 November 2023

The Skills Centre Excels with Outstanding Ofsted Rating for Adult Learning Programmes

The Skills Centre, headquartered in Cardiff, is one of the UK’s most successful construction training providers, and has achieved an exceptional Ofsted Inspection Report, securing a robust “Good” overall rating and a standout “Outstanding” recognition for its Adult Learning Programmes.

The report recognised The Skills Centre’s solid training standards, showcasing its commitment to providing high-quality education and support for learners and apprentices, and the Adult Learning Programmes garnered the highest praise with an “Outstanding” rating.

Ofsted commended the exceptional practical application of skills in The Skills Centre’s adult learning programmes, highlighting its Rainscreen Cladding Bootcamps, which prepares learners for a career as a cladding specialist.

The bootcamps take place at The Skills Centre’s specialist facility in Stratford and introduce those new to construction to cladding and provide them with the skills and experience needed to get a job in the industry. After completing the course, learners gain unit 1 of an NVQ in Cladding – “Installing sheeting & Cladding Rainwater good on roofs and walls in the workplace” as well as on-site work experience and a guaranteed interview.

This initiative is part of GLA’s Skills Bootcamps for Londoners, a £19million initiative which is championing London’s skills offer and supporting locals into good jobs in the city’s key sectors, namely digital, green, construction, creative, health and social care.

The Ofsted report also recognised The Skills Centre’s tailored curriculum that directly addresses industry needs, ensuring learners acquire skills aligned with current construction sector demands and celebrated success stories from learners who have excelled in their training.

Jon Howlin, CEO of The Skills Centre said:

“This ‘Outstanding’ rating for our Adult Learning Programmes, with specific acknowledgment of our Rainscreen Cladding Bootcamp, reflects our dedication to providing market-leading and impactful training. Learners and apprentices were noted for their positive behaviour and attitudes, creating a conducive learning environment and we are delighted that the report praised our effective personal development curriculum, emphasising the training provided on topics such as mutual respect and tolerance, something we are incredibly proud of.”

Jean Stevens-Duprez MBE, Chairperson of Board of Governors added:

“The Ofsted report showcases our commitment to excellence. Outstanding Adult Learning is a core part of our mission, and this recognition validates our efforts.”

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