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The Potential of Nuclear Energy for the Welsh Economy


The Managing Director of Bridgend company Vessco, Julian Vance-Daniel has claimed that a new project to carry on from Hinkley Point C, could bring more job opportunities.

Vessco recently became a member of the Sizewell C Consortium – a group of over 200 leading nuclear suppliers in the UK – to highlight the importance of Sizewell C being built. In January this year, the Consortium signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Welsh Government, pledging investment of up to £900 million in the Welsh nuclear supply chain and up to 4,700 jobs across Wales if Sizewell C goes ahead.

Julian chats to Business News Wales about the potential of the new projects in greater detail.

Julian said:

“In Vessco Engineering alone, there are now 20 new well-paid engineering jobs as a direct result of our work at Hinkley Point C.”

He adds that “there is a similar story in engineering and other construction businesses up and down the country.”

He states his belief that it would “be a shame if these jobs fell aside, should there not be a new project to carry on the work of Hinkley Point C.”

Since winning the contracts, the number of employees at the business has doubled and Vessco’s workforce has undergone additional training. New graduates have been taken on and apprentices from the local college have begun work.

But what other benefits could a new project bring?

“If we look at the Wales Nuclear Forum, there are 60-70 members in Wales supplying goods and services to Hinkley Point C. In addition, there are at least the same number of Wales-based firms supplying to HPC that are non-members. Another site would ensure that there would be good prospects for employees and companies well into the future.”

A decision regarding a new project is pending approval.