The Opportunity for Greener Healthcare in Wales

Welcome to Business News Wales' series of live webinars. Our virtual round tables and one on one exclusive interviews are all focused on the Green Economy in Wales.

Green Industries Wales is an independent collaboration and discovery forum in Wales, has announced a pioneering series of webinars to inform all green stakeholders in Wales, pre and post the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), which is being held in Glasgow from 1st November to 12th November.   

In this episode, Chair Sam Cook is joined by Dr Stacey Harris Paediatric Registrar from Royal Gwent Hospital and Dr Fiona Brennan, Anaesthetic Consultant CAVUHB.

The Webinars will run from October 4th until mid-December – shining a spotlight on the most important factors affecting climate change in Welsh industry and society: from the emerging energy sources and technologies being embraced by Wales, to the radical changes about to happen across industry, transport, the built environment and our communities as a whole.

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