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The One Trait Evident in Every Successful CEO


By Garry White,

Chief Investment Commentator,

Charles Stanley Wealth Managers.


I spent five years as the share tipster at the Daily Telegraph before I joined Charles Stanley, editing its long-running Questor column. I met numerous chief executives of UK listed companies from FTSE 100 giants to Aim-listed tiddlers – as they attempted to convince me that their companies were the ones that Daily Telegraph readers needed to back.

All of them had different stories to tell, and their businesses were so unalike, but they all had one thing in common, they were all completely passionate about what they were doing.

Passion is described as a strong feeling or emotion. As such, it’s difficult to quantify – but when you see it, it’s pretty obvious. Passionate people really believe in what they are doing – and will not give up until they meet their goals.

Of course, work ethic, expertise, a skill for communication and leadership abilities are vital, but having a strong desire to excel and a belief in what they were doing was utterly essential. Passion allowed leaders to enjoy what they were doing – and provided the motivation to deal with the more monotonous tasks that are part of every job. Passion was the driving force that allowed them to keep pushing themselves towards their business goals.

Passion is also an inspiration for those around you – it can drive them to succeed too. People want to be passionate about what they do, and they want to be surrounded by people who are also passionate about what they do. It provides a level of fulfilment to most people as genuine enthusiasm is contagious.

Passionate leaders lead with heart and soul – it’s a case of ‘attitude first’. I have never seen anyone be inspired by a leader who is not passionate. When employees understand how important their role is in relation to the direction and purpose of the organisation, it allows them to generate their own passion for what they do. They also tend to be more resilient and can shift gears when this is needed by the organisation to meet a near-term goal.

Of course, passion cannot guarantee success. But, as a trait clearly evident in every single successful business leader I have met, it is an intelligent emotion that can greatly increase and boost your chances of achieving your goals in life.

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