The Crisis Facing the Welsh Hospitality Industry


David Chapman, Executive Director for Wales for UKHospitality, talks to Mark Powney, Managing Director of Business News Wales about the impact the coronavirus will have on the hospitality industry across Wales.

Interview Highlights

The last 10 days have been absolutely savage for the hospitality industry across all parts of Wales. There has been a cliff-edge fall off for visitors to pubs and hotels and it's created a critical cashflow problem.

A large hotel employer on March the 1st had a 74% occupancy and is now down to 20%

Lots of venues are concerned not only for their own business but also for the people that work for them, its an emotional as well as economic impact.

Some of our hospitality businesses are not just providing a service they are part of the local community and play a big part in supporting local supply chains.

In Pembrokeshire and Gwynedd local people are dependent on the industry for their livelihood.

Some Large Welsh hospitality businesses could be a victim of the crisis and it's highly likely we will loose a really big name in the industry.