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Technology Connected Announces Wales Tech Week 2023 with New Hybrid Format


Technology Connected has announced the return of Wales Tech Week, which for the first time, will be in-person as a hybrid event. Wales Tech Week taking place from  20-23 March 2023 will be an international Tech Summit for the world’s top tech minds and business leaders to learn, connect and do business.

Previously, Wales Tech Week has been an extremely successful all-virtual festival. As a hybrid event, Wales Tech Week 2023 will offer the best of both worlds – fusing the benefits of technology with the power of people, their interaction, exuberance, and ingenuity.

Created by non-profit organisation Technology Connected, Wales Tech Week was founded to amplify the profile of Wales’s emerging technology industry both domestically and internationally. Wales Tech Week showcases Welsh technology and champions the industry on the global stage, developing Wales as a centre of expertise for enabling and emerging technologies and their applications for today’s business and society.

Wales Tech Week 2023 will bring the tech ecosystem together in person across three packed days to spotlight Wales as a great place to start, grow, and scale tech. It will begin with a two-day, international Tech Summit for the industry to connect, collaborate, and champion Welsh tech. The third day at the ICC will be the inaugural Talent4Tech event, which will open the exhibition to the next generation of tech talent—from apprentices to graduates to returners and transitioning workers—to inspire and support their journeys to discover their places in the tech industry. Exhibitors will be able to take to the stage to share their current offers and talent needs.

A smorgasbord of themes and stages at the Tech Summit will put the spotlight on key technologies and sectors, featuring international keynotes, panel discussions, interactive workshops and much more, appealing to those working in tech or those  wishing to understand how technology can transform their businesses, or the” tech curious” exploring future careers.

As the first physical, in-person Wales Tech Week, 2023 is set to be even more interactive, with world class speakers sharing insight on a range of trends,  topical themes and issues that shape the tech industry. The three-day Exhibition will include demo areas and opportunities for attendees to experience the transformative technologies available.

Avri Lewis MBE, Managing Director of Technology Connected, said,

“Capitalising on the interest and enthusiasm generated over the last 2 years virtually the community is eager to get back face to face. Technology is a great enabler but people like to do business with people.

Wales Tech Week 2023 will be that opportunity. Inclusive, inspiring and informative, you will experience the collective energy of our tech industry and ignite interest from across the globe. Wales Tech Week will spotlight the best of our emerging and enabling technologies, our innovative companies and the complete supportive tech ecosystem. We previously reached over 57 countries and now it's time to build on the momentum to grow Wales’s reputation on the global stage. Wales Tech Week aims to showcase Wales to the world and attract the world to Wales.”

For more information on attending, partnering, or otherwise getting involved, visit the Wales Tech Week website