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Team of Experts to Drive Digital Connectivity in North Wales


A top team of experts coming together to drive digital connectivity in North Wales will not stop until the region is the most digitally connected in the UK.

The group will be advising the North Wales Economic Ambition Board (NWEAB) on the digital strategy for the £240m North Wales Growth Deal.

The NWEAB’s private sector advisory group, the Business Delivery Group, has asked Askar Sheibani to form the team. Its remit will be to expand and to strengthen the region’s digital connectivity strategy.

Mr Sheibani is CEO of Deeside-based Comtek Network Systems and Sorrento Networks, and chair and founder of the UK Fibre Connectivity Forum.

He is also chair of DBF (Deeside Business Forum), which has led a long-running campaign for better digital connectivity on behalf of its members across North Wales and the North West of England.

DBF’s vision is to deliver the significant socio-economic benefits of full fibre connectivity to our region, to connect all buildings with ultrafast connectivity, and to establish North Wales as the most attractive location for business growth and investment. Its mission is to recognise North Wales as the most digitally connected region in the United Kingdom.

Askar Sheibani said:

“It’s so exciting that all six North Wales local authorities are backing this group and inviting the private sector to lead on such vital infrastructure.

“Years ago when DBF started its digital connectivity campaign we were the only ones shouting about it. Now it is quite rightly at the top of the UK’s business agenda.

“Ultrafast connectivity is a business essential and we’re determined that the £42m from the growth deal and other sources is spent in the best possible way to deliver this for North Wales.

“We’ve also made no secret of the fact that we believe digital connectivity needs an investment of at least £120m, so we’ll continue to lobby for more funding.”

Membership of the new expert group, which includes some of digital connectivity’s leading lights with experience of delivering pioneering projects across the world, will be announced soon.