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Take a Deep Dive into Extended Producer Responsibility


New webinar series running this week aims to help Welsh businesses realise their Green Ambition

Business Wales is set to help companies take simple and practical steps towards tackling the green agenda with a free webinar on 22 March looking at Extended Producer Responsibility.

Extended Producer Responsibility is a policy approach that means producers will pay the full cost of managing packaging once it becomes waste. The aim is to encourage producers to use less packaging and more recyclable materials, in order to help tackle the climate crisis.

The session is aimed at businesses that carry an obligation under the current Packaging Waste regulations – particularly UK brand holders and importers and businesses interested in packaging in general, packaging design and recyclability.

The event takes place from 2pm to 4pm on the 22 March and can be booked at

Sustainability is becoming an ever more important issue for businesses as employees increasingly demand high standards from the companies for which they work. Indeed, recent research from Anthesis found that 40% of UK workers were disappointed by the lack of effort and resources put into sustainability by their employer, while customers – and even suppliers – seek out companies with good sustainability credentials.

David John Williams, National Contracts Manager, Business Wales said:

While Wales is already doing incredible things in this area, we know that many businesses haven’t taken any actions yet, and some who have started are still somewhat unsure how to make further significant changes.”

The Extended Producer session will provide an overview of the UK government’s proposed Extended Producer Responsibility legislation, due to be implemented from 2023-24. Attendees will gain: an understanding of possible impacts of the proposed legislation on UK business, including costs and responsibilities; knowledge on risks and opportunities presented to businesses; insight and understanding from Valpak's policy experts on possible next steps.

The session will be interactive with the option to pose questions via chat and a Q&A with a Valpak expert and Business Wales Resource Efficiency experts.

Attendees will be issued with resource packs and tool kits and will have the option to book a 1-2-1 resource efficiency consultation with a Valpak expert or a Business Wales expert.

The sessions form part of the Green Ambition Webinar Series, running from Monday 21 March to Friday 25 March 2022, which aims to give businesses the tools to work more sustainably and understand and emphasise the benefits of circular models and moving away from a wasteful culture.

Other events in the series will cover: product design and innovation; measuring impact and sustainability skills; and market developments and decarbonisation.

David added:

We encourage businesses of all sizes to engage with our Green Ambition series and take advantage of our 1-1 consultancy offer to create a bespoke green action plan. It’s a fact that some businesses will only work with those who can demonstrate their green commitments, so it’s in your best interest to start making these changes sooner rather than later, as otherwise there’s a danger you’ll get left behind.”

All events can be booked at: Business Wales website.