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Swansea’s £1.3bn City Deal Ready to be Signed


Councillor Rob Stewart displayed confidence in the progression of the deal, saying we “could not be in a better position” to agree the finer details. Set to be rolled out over the course of the next 15 years, the famous City Deal will cost around £1.3bn, aiming to attract investment from around the world to transform its economic competitiveness.

This week, the subject of communications has been the focus, with officials revealing that the transatlantic cable, described as a “game changer”, is not part of the deal.

Bringing ultrafast broadband to the Swansea Bay region, this was once a prominent feature of the deal. Stewart has now revealed that the building of the cable will be separate yet complimentary to the plans.

While optimism surrounds the subject, Gower MP, Byron Davies, called the Swansea City deal a “muddle” that needs “sorting out”.

Denying that the focus had moved away from the ‘internet coast vision’, Stewart continued to discuss how close the deal was to being signed off, excited to support next generation industries.

“In order to deliver the sorts of economic change we want in this region we have to take forward the fifth generation technologies – the establishment of the test bed,” he said.

“We’ve been very clear about that and Sir Terry Matthews and his business partner from Wesley Clover, Simon Gibson, have been integral in bringing that together.

“They can demonstrate though the model they’ve successfully rolled out in Canada, they’ve created 22,000 jobs there and we believe we can make that sort of economic impact here.

“Whilst there are several projects which will have construction as part of it, the real golden thread through the deal are still those new technologies and new industries.”