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Swansea University is Wales’ Number 1 University When it Comes to Graduates Getting Professional Level Jobs


Swansea is Top in Wales, Top 20 in UK, for Graduates Getting Professional–Level Jobs

Swansea University is top in Wales, and 16th in the UK, when it comes to graduates getting professional level jobs, as a new national report shows that more graduates are finding work than ever before, more of that work was professional level, and unemployment rates were down to pre-recession levels.

The report, entitled “What do graduates do?”, presents findings from a survey of 267,000 UK graduates.   It examines first degree graduate destinations six months after they graduated.   The publication is produced by Prospects and AGCAS on behalf of HECSU.

It found that across the UK, 71% of graduates were in employment, 5.5% were working and studying at the same time, and 12.1% had continued with further study or training.  The report also revealed that average salaries of graduates employed full-time in the UK was £20,637.


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