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Swansea University Bay Campus Could Provide 10,000 Jobs Boost


Council bosses in South Wales are confident that the new Swansea University Bay Campus will create thousands of new jobs in the region.

Neath Port Talbot Council have suggested that up to 10,000 roles could be formed during the lifetime of the project.

The complex will open in mid-September and will provide a huge boost to the region’s businesses while giving thousands of students access to top class facilities.

Costing a total of £450 million to develop, the new campus on Fabian Way is predicted to lead to increased investment in Swansea to the value of around £3 billion.

Such investment should drive growth in the region while many firms will potentially be able to tap into the graduate talent pool coming from the university.

The university recently entered into a partnership with Tata Steel in a bid to help engineering graduates; one of several businesses who have already worked to create close ties with the institution.