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Swansea Tech Firm Launches App to Help Small Companies Manage Loyalty Schemes


A Swansea-based company that specialises in helping businesses leverage video to market and promote themselves, has launched a new unique service that allows small businesses to launch and manage a loyalty scheme using the company’s App.

What’s It Like? was launched in 2012 by entrepreneur and technology lecturer Paul Davies, when he moved back to Swansea after 12 years working in Blue Chip corporates nationally.

The new Smart Phone Loyalty Scheme, which operates via the What’s It Like? app, allows individual businesses to launch reward schemes or offers without the outlay and practical difficulties of having to get cards printed or create other promotional materials.

app-screensEqually, from the customer’s perspective, it allows access to multiple schemes without the hassle of obtaining and carrying a number of physical cards – all they need is access to an App on their mobile phone.

Davies explains:

“With the new loyalty scheme – if you’re a small business the chances are that you already have a loyalty scheme – and if your customers remember it they get a stamp every time they come in.

“With the loyalty scheme on What’s It Like? – as a small business you can print them off, or pay for your own app, or you can run a loyalty card through What’s it Like?

“Consumers win – they get to discover new places and they get savings. Businesses win because they get to showcase themselves to customers.

“We want to help small businesses make the most of the fact that we live in a mobile first world. People don’t want to carry lots of cards around – we lose them, or the dog eats them.”

The new loyalty App complements the core offering of What’s It Like?, which allows users to get a feel or snapshot of a particular venue or business via a video that is also shot, edited and hosted online by What’s It Like?

It now has more than 300 clients spread across Wales, from Tenby to Cardiff – across a wide range of sectors – bars, restaurants, gyms, interiors and retail centres, for example, Morgan Arcade and Capitol Centre.

“If people want to be seen we help them do it, quickly and easily and visually,” explains Davies.

One of the App’s other features also includes a section called Near Me, which allows users to do a live search for certain types of venue based on their location or destination.

What’s It Like? has gone from strength to strength in recent years as the business world has increasingly understood the importance of mobile technology and embraced it. The advent of higher speed connections has also been critical to its growth.

“When I started this business five years ago – there wasn’t even 3G. Now 4G is everywhere, everyone has a smart phone, Wifi is everywhere, and Youtube, Instagram video and snapchat have really taken off,” Davies said.

“We’re a market maker – a platform – we want to get consumers or businesses together at a fair price in a transparent way. It’s all about inspiring yourself and inspiring others around you,” he says.