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Swansea Sports-tech Hub Selected for Global Online Accelerator


The new sports-tech hub is among the top applicants selected for Newchip’s online accelerator

Based in Swansea, Wales, the new sports-tech platform Univarsity was accepted into Newchip’s renowned global accelerator program. Designed to provide all the skills and tools founders need to rapidly fund, build and scale their companies, past accelerator cohorts averaged more than 17.5 times the average funding amount. The equity-free, fully digital accelerator has helped over 1,000 founders from 35 countries raise over $300 million in funding.

“Newchip evaluates a vast number of companies from across the globe, selecting a small percentage to join our accelerator,” says Armando Vera Carvajal, Vice President of Product at Newchip. “This strict selection process makes us an ideal partner for investors looking for promising start-ups. Sports-tech companies like Univarsity can scale quickly with proper funding and guidance. We are excited for Univarsity and believe they will do well at Newchip.”

“Being accepted into the Newchip Accelerator, we are excited to learn from industry experts and mentors on how to build a scalable and investable business”, says Co-founder Rory Lascelles “This program will take Univarsity to new heights and give us the necessary guidance to grow rapidly”.

Univarsity is a new sports ‘super-hub’ that will transform the organisation and participation of sport in education by breaking down the barriers that prevent students from participating in sports at university. Our white-labelled platform is the missing link between sports administration and participation, widening access to potentially millions of students worldwide, delivering on our mission to increase sports participation and student wellbeing.

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