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Swansea-based Trojan Gains Amazon Certification for Refurbished Products


Trojan, a company that provides returns management, repair and refurbishment services to retailers and manufacturers, is now supplying products through the Amazon Certified Refurbishment program. This provides the company with further credibility of the quality of its product refurbishment services and therefore a more prominent position on Amazon.

Returned items processed by Trojan are then passed onward to its etail sales and fulfilment division, allowing its clients to benefit from increased asset recovery.

Certified refurbished on Amazon means Trojan can now sell high quality refurbished products to Amazon's multimillion customer base across the globe. Trojan has been able to gain this certified status through a strict application process, demonstrating that it meets Amazon's robust performance standards to supply products that have been tested and certified to appear and perform as new.

In line with Amazon's requirements, Trojan's refurbishment process commonly includes a diagnostic test, replacement of any faulty parts, a full cleaning and inspection procedure, and repackaging (where applicable). The products are then shipped with all relevant accessories and supported by a one-year limited warranty.

Trojan operates its own asset recovery department through refurbishment and recoup from its 180,000 sq. ft. purpose-built facility based in Swansea. The company currently refurbishes, repairs or reworks in excess of 600,000 items annually.

Clive Murphy, managing director of Trojan, commented:

“Although we have sold some refurbished products through Amazon, the certified refurbishment program gives tangible merit.

“The program really gives further credibility to the quality of efurbished products that Trojan can achieve through its controlled process. For clients that we repair and refurbish products for, it opens up another opportunity within a trusted marketplace where products can be listed and sold, with the reassurance that buyers are purchasing a high quality certified product.”

Trojan also launched its ‘Fulfilled by Trojan (FBT)' service earlier this year (2017), which mirrors a similar offering by Amazon, whereby a seller keeps an item in Amazon's warehouses and lets Amazon ship and pack it. However, FBT has the advantage of being able to sell items across multiple selling channels without any potential increased costs for this service.