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Swansea 2021 Needs You – Support the Bid on Social Media on Decision Day


People in Swansea are being urged to show their support for the Swansea 2021 UK City of Culture bid on social media today (7th December) as the judges make their announcement this evening. The same shout-out has also gone to Wales’s ex-pats internationally and to anyone in the UK who shares a passion for Swansea.

Each of the five shortlisted cities left in the race to be crowned UK City of Culture 2021 has been allocated a day on social media to demonstrate to the judging panel at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) just how much backing there is for their bid.

Everyone in Swansea, from Swansea or who loves Swansea is now being urged to get online and post, upload photos, films and gifs to show their support for the Swansea 2021 campaign. To make sure the judges see the posts, people are reminded to tag @DCMS and use the three hashtags – #Swansea2021 #Swansea and #CityofCulture2021

So, to make it easy:

  • Step 1: Get on to your Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Step 2: Follow DCMS on Twitter and Facebook
  • Step 3: Share your support for Swansea – and don’t forget to include the hashtags #Swansea2021 #Swansea and #CityofCulture2021 in your messages and tag @DCMS when you are on Twitter
  • Step 4: Do this before 7pm today when the decision is announced

Local legend and Swansea Sound presenter, Kevin Johns MBE, who is part of the Swansea 2021 team said:

“We need as many people as possible backing our bid as it’s our moment in the spotlight to demonstrate to DCMS what we are all about and how much we deserve to win.

“We are calling on everyone in Swansea as well as those from further afield to post original, inspiring and creative content or a simple good luck message to demonstrate why Swansea deserves to be crowned as the UK City of Culture in 2021.”

The other four shortlisted cities have had their allocated social media days over the last week and each of them has received support and backing across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Kev continued:

“We have obviously been keeping an eye on the other four cities but really we are just focusing on ourselves and what we can do to stand out to the judges via the DCMS. We have had amazing support for Swansea throughout our campaign and know we have backing from across the city and further afield and all we need to do on Thursday is prove it with a massive final push.”

To back the bid on social media today follow Swansea 2021 on Twitter and Facebook and send messages of support using the hashtags #Swansea2021 and #CityofCulture2021 and tag @DCMS on Twitter and @dcmsgovuk on Facebook.