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Solar Panels in North Wales Caravan Park Display Green Credentials


There is a lot of talk in the media about the commercial case for solar panels and the threat to the government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme, which was originally designed as a commercial incentive. But with all the chat about return on investment and income from generating solar energy, we mustn’t lose sight of the positive impact solar panels have on our carbon emissions, our environment and our desire to move towards cleaner, cheaper, sustainable energy.

EnergyMyWay’s latest solar installation in North Wales is the perfect example of a sensitive, intelligent application of solar panels. Nestled on the East slope of the Conwy Valley in a sheltered wooded hollow, this caravan park is a small, family run and picturesque place, where owners and their families come to relax and enjoy the peace of this beautiful corner of North Wales. Owners Reg and Heather approached EnergyMyWay after considering solar panels as a way to reduce the site’s carbon emissions and energy bills and to increase self-sufficiency for the site. While some see solar as an eyesore, Reg and Heather wanted a solar installation they could be proud to display, one that would serve as a visual example of low carbon technology and demonstrate the caravan park’s environmental credentials.