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SMEs Set to Benefit from Influencer Marketing Event


Getting a famous name to work with your business is no longer out of reach for all but the biggest of brands. Gemma Collins, NatWest Cymru’s Business Growth Enabler for Cardiff & South East Wales, looks at the growing trend for teaming up with social influencers such as the hugely popular I Loves The ‘Diff Campaign.

Using a celebrity to promote your product or service is nothing new. We’ve all grown up with certain actors, sports stars or musicians being synonymous with certain brands.

But in this age of social media dominance, the landscape is changing. And it’s making the whole concept of celebrity endorsement accessible to much smaller brands, through influencer marketing.

‘Influencer marketing’ is one of the biggest trends for brands wanting to grow their audience and improve sales. Social media personalities, or ‘social influencers’, are now hot property when it comes to advertising and marketing campaigns.

In fact, teaming up with someone with a big social media following who your potential customers both like and trust can be far more effective than traditional advertising.

A social influencer isn’t necessarily an A-list celebrity – although some do go on to achieve those dizzy heights of fame. Rather, they are the bloggers, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter stars who have carved out a niche in their chosen field and attracted many thousands of followers along the way.

The beauty of this for the small business is that there will be a social influencer making an impact with the very audience you want to reach – whether in a specific sector, or geographic area.

My favourite – absolutely guaranteed to brighten up the dreariest of days with a single tweet – is I Loves The ‘Diff.

This multi award-winning cult brand is all about celebrating Cardiff and Wales, “by way of an exciting range of products and social media awesomeness”, as founder Christian Amodeo puts it.

What started in 2009 with a doodle on a beer mat has grown into a successful business and to date has attracted almost 64,000 followers on Twitter and more than 13,000 on Instagram.

“People are at the heart of what we’re about and we work hard to please our customers,” says Christian.

But it’s not just about his own customers:

“We also work with great local organisations, businesses and charities to do fun things, raise awareness of events and causes, and celebrate Cardiff and Wales.

“One of the best things we’ve been involved with was 2017’s We Loves The ‘Diff fundraising and limited edition prints campaign with St David’s Shopping, which raised £30,000 in five weeks for homeless charities Llamau, Huggard Centre, and The Wallich.”

Christian Amodeo of I Loves The ‘Diff will be the special guest speaker at an influencer marketing event hosted by NatWest Cymru and FOR Cardiff on November 7. For more information and to register visit: