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Skyline Enterprises Releases New Fly-Through Video of Proposed Skyline Swansea

Skyline Enterprises has unveiled its first detailed fly-through video of its proposed Skyline Swansea leisure destination at Kilvey Hill.

The computer-generated video gives a detailed fly-through of the proposed leisure destination that is about to go through the planning process with Swansea Council.

The film takes the viewer on the wheelchair and dog-friendly gondola journey from the proposed bottom station at Landore Park & Ride, next to the new Penderyn Copperworks Distillery, up along the west side of Kilvey Hill, passing zipwires on the way. It then showcases the proposed attractions at the top of the hill including a modern food and drink complex with views across the city, several luge runs and the proposed Sky Swing which has been relocated following the public consultation with close neighbours. It ends with an aerial view of the proposed attraction which takes up just 9 per cent of Kilvey Hill.

Skyline Enterprises Chief Executive Officer, Geoff McDonald, said:

“We wanted to share this fly-through video to illustrate to people exactly what we’re proposing for Skyline Swansea. There appears to have been some misconceptions around our proposals, for instance, on seeing the new fly-through, many people tell us they are surprised to learn that the gondola starts from the Landore Park & Ride travelling along the west side of Kilvey Hill. They have also commented on the minimal visual impact of the proposal from the bottom of the hill. We’re glad this video can help to dispel some myths and give an accurate portrayal of our proposals and vision for Skyline Swansea.

“We very much hope that the proposal will get the go-ahead from Swansea’s planning committee. We believe that Skyline Swansea would bring lasting benefits to the area, in the form of a healthy outdoor tourism experience and employment and leisure opportunities for local people.”

If planning is approved, Swansea would be the first city in the UK and Europe to join an impressive list of locations with a Skyline Enterprises destination – the company has sites across New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, and later this year, Malaysia.

Last month, Skyline Enterprises announced that people in Swansea would benefit from preferential passes, at greatly discounted prices, for Skyline Swansea with annual gondola passes ranging from £20 to £40.

The development is subject to planning permission, but it is hoped that the attraction will be embraced by local people as well as providing a world class destination for visitors from the rest of Britain and beyond.

The proposals for Skyline Swansea include:

  • A gondola running from Landore Park & Ride to the top of Kilvey Hill. This does not pass over any homes.
  • Food and beverage outlet with viewing platforms across Swansea Bay.
  • A non-motorised gravity-fuelled downhill karting ride, known as the Luge, which is suitable for all ages.
  • A new technology similar to ziplines, which is suitable for all ages.
  • An exhilarating Sky Swing, giving an adrenaline rush and breath-taking views across the city and Swansea Bay – suitable for all ages.
  • Existing pathways and biking trails will be retained and new ones created.
  • Picnic areas will be introduced.
  • Tree planting and environmental improvements will be carried out on the hill with sustainability and biodiversity at the heart of the development.
  • Free and unhindered public access to the entire hill will be retained and improved with no obligation to use Skyline Swansea facilities.

To view the video and for regular updates about the project, go to the ‘Skyline Swansea’ Facebook page.  


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