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How to Showcase your Business Identity Using a Welsh Domain


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Switched on small businesses are always looking for ways to strengthen their brand identity and grow their customer base, but one thing you might overlook is your domain name, when this could be critical to helping your business succeed. In today’s post, we’re going to look at how using a Welsh-specific domain name like .cymru or .wales can help you build your brand.

Nominet imageLink your online and offline presence

Your choice of domain name might not seem important, but you’d be surprised. If your business is based in Wales, a Welsh domain geographically links your online presence with your physical premises. As many people include a location in their web searches, you’ll find that the right domain can tell them immediately that your business is exactly what they’re looking for. That’s what makes Welsh domains especially well-suited to businesses such as hotels, campsites and so on; websites such as or do what they say on the tin.

Celebrate your Welsh connection

When you get your hands on a domain ending in .cymru or .wales, you’re joining thousands of businesses in helping to make the web more Welsh. A Welsh-specific domain doesn’t just let your customers know where you’re based; it sparks the interest of customers seeking something more individual and authentic.

A Welsh domain tells the world that you’re proud to be Welsh, just like The Football Association of Wales, whose Head of Public Affairs, Ian Gwyn, comments:

“The switch to our new Welsh domain names extends the appeal of Wales and shows we’re a modern, vibrant country. We would recommend it to any business who is proud of being Welsh.”

With consumers increasingly interested in turning their backs on the big, faceless corporations that dominate the market, instead valuing independent businesses, showing that you’re Welsh and proud is undoubtedly a good thing. A Welsh domain fosters trust with your local customers, highlighting that you’re authentic. If you make a traditional Welsh product, for example, a or domain will draw attention to this unique selling point.

Build credibility

In addition to using your .cymru or .wales domain for your website, you can also use it for your email addresses. This helps to build your brand, keeping your points of contact consistent and professional. People are more likely to engage with a strong brand that they feel they can identify with, as Arriva Trains found when they switched to a Welsh-specific domain. Marketing Director Paul Tapley explains:

“.wales & .cymru is at the heart of our business, which is all about connecting people and communities. Since using the new domains, we’ve seen audience engagement increase, helping more customers to find out what we’re all about.”

Grow your online sales

The great thing about a .cymru or .wales web address is that it’s memorable. One business owner who’s noticed this is Sian Fox, who runs Foxy’s Deli in Penarth. She says;

“Our new .wales and .cymru websites have made it easier for customers to find us online.”

Being easy to find online could help grow your online sales, and this makes the world your oyster. It widens your audience nationwide and even internationally, opening up a vast new market that extends your reach far beyond your home catchment area.

While you might not have thought your choice of domain was that important, it can help bolster your business in more ways than you might have imagined. Liam Burgess, founder of Llanboidy-based chocolate company Nom Nom, comments:

“Since going online with a .cymru domain name, our business has gone from strength to strength. I would absolutely recommend that anybody making a product in Wales takes up a new Welsh domain name.”

So what are you waiting for? Get your Welsh domain here and show the world you’re proud to be Welsh!