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Should you Outsource your Recruitment?


This article has been submitted by Sitka Recruitment

Even if you have a highly talented internal recruitment team, there are still some occasions when hiring an external recruiter makes good business sense.

Contrary to being an undesirable expense, outsourcing the recruitment of certain roles is a valuable business investment that could actually save you money.

Are you struggling to keep your hiring time down?

It takes around a month to recruit a new employee, longer for senior and specialised roles. If your process extends beyond this, you run the risk of losing top talent to a competitor. It’ll probably cost you more too with the advertising costs and lost productivity.

Are you still relatively unknown?

Outsourcing isn’t just for long-established, multi-national companies; it’s vitally important for small businesses who might otherwise struggle to attract the calibre of candidates they need. If you don’t have the brand recognition or capacity for marketing that larger organisations have, a recruitment partner could help sell the role better.

Are you about to expand?

Conversely, if you’re growing your business, you’ll probably need some new people on board to ensure your strategy’s success. Do you have 20+ hours to dedicate to each senior role per week? If not, it’s probably worth outsourcing the recruitment to someone who does.

Do you want to increase the diversity of your workforce?

When it comes to ethnicity and gender, a large number of organisations have a disproportionate balance of employees. Outsourcing your recruitment can remove unconscious bias from your recruiting process and make it possible for you to reap the benefits of a more diverse workforce.

Is your HR department overloaded?

The primary focus of HR should be on keeping current employees happy and engaged. A good external recruiter who is well-connected and up to date will reduce the pressure on your in-house team and provide a better candidate experience all-round.

Are you looking to procure recruitment software?

Setting up and using recruitment technology is time consuming. And while it may speed up the screening process, it’s not fool-proof and has been shown to discount good candidates. It certainly can’t replace the benefits of building relationships with candidates.

Do you have a high staff turnover?

Whether it’s them leaving or you asking them to, high staff turnover is costly and has a negative impact on your customer and employee satisfaction. It suggests you’re not attracting the right people; perhaps the job description isn’t clear or you’re not screening efficiently for cultural fit or soft skills.

Does the role require specialised skills?

Specialised, in-demand professionals present certain challenges to in-house recruiters, particularly if they work in a different business area or industry. The best people are likely to have already been snapped up.  An external recruiter who proactively seeks out such ‘passive’ candidates could be a wise choice.

At Sitka, we combine executive search and selection with traditional recruitment techniques to help Welsh businesses overcome today’s recruitment challenges and find exceptional people.

If you found yourself answering ‘yes’ to any of these questions, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat through your outsourcing options.