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Security Outsourcing Key for Businesses in 2018


As businesses set their IT budgets for the New Year, a need to focus spending on security outsourcing is being urged by one IT expert, who claims the state of business is changing in such a way that requires a greater need for robust IT security system management by industry specialists.

Simon Ahearne, managing director of Swansea-based IT and communication firm SA1 Solutions, claims that with security threats to businesses rocketing and a lack of talented in-house IT professionals able to cope with such security breaches, there is a clear need for many organisations to outsource their IT security requirements to adequately protect themselves in the year ahead.

This presents a significant opportunity for managed security service providers (MSSPs) to target these businesses, especially since recent research by SolarWinds MSP has shown nearly half of businesses plan to outsource their security for the first time in the coming 12 months.

A security issue gaining momentum that demonstrates this lack of sufficiently skilled in-house IT workers is the failure to secure the user accounts of former members of staff. Research by One Identity has shown 84 per cent of IT professionals have admitted that it can take at least a month to discover such hazardous access points into a business.

With the cyber security breaches that occurred during 2017 causing havoc across the globe, it seems obvious that outsourcing security is the best option for businesses that lack confidence in their IT security systems. Cyber threats like the worldwide WannaCry ransomware attack, which impacted major organisations including the National Health Service (NHS) and thousands more companies, will continue to emerge and acts as a stern warning for the need to implement an advanced security strategy to limit these risks.

Apple’s recent Mac OS High Sierra glitch has also shown how even the most up-to-date operating systems can be left wide open to cyber criminals, who could install malicious software without the owner’s awareness, to gain personal information.

Simon Ahearne, managing director of SA1 Solutions, commented:

“Making cyber security a priority is imperative and for many businesses, this means outsourcing to IT solutions providers to ensure their IT security is managed properly. It’s no secret that 2017 has caused a lot of turmoil for businesses as a result of significant cyberattacks and the damage they have caused. Addressing flaws in corporate security strategies by outsourcing for the year ahead should be high on a business’ agenda.”

SA1 Solutions, is a leading IT and communication company offering services to over 200 customers across the UK. The company was recently announced winner of the Business of the Year Award (less than 250 staff) at the Welsh SME Business Awards 2017.