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Have Your Say on Pembrokshire National Park’s Future

Wardeiniaid Awdurdod y Parc Cenedlaethol yn cadw mynediad ar agor i gerddwyr Sir Benfro



Walkers often take for granted the open track before them when they set off on their favourite bit of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail or want to explore a route on another public right of way.

But behind the scenes, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority Warden teams are working in all weathers to maintain for walkers the 525-mile network of public paths the Authority manages, plus 161 miles of the Coast Path.


National Park Authority Access Manager Anthony Richards said:

“In July, the vegetation is at its peak of growth and the Authority’s Wardens are fully into the cutting season; vegetation control is the main priority between May and September, with growth peaking in July.

“We have several area teams of Wardens who spend most of their time maintaining the path network in their patches. The path network includes around 1,300 different routes so it’s quite an undertaking, with some paths requiring a number of cuts during the growing season.

“In order to ensure that wildflowers set seed, the cutting starts in different places each year; it is inevitable that some paths will become more overgrown than others prior to cutting, but there is a cutting schedule in place.”

If walkers do encounter excessive growth blocking a path, please notify the National Park Authority staff via our Facebook page (Pembrokeshire Coast), Twitter (@PembsCoast) or by email [email protected] or telephone 01646 624800 giving as much information as possible.