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RLA’s Rent Smart Wales Training Given Top Audit Rating


The RLA’s Rent Smart Wales training has been given the scheme’s top ‘High Assurance’ rating following its first audit by a RSW inspector.

The audit report praised the professionalism of the management, quality control and performance management systems as well as the association’s clear customer service and equality policies.

It also awarded the RLA the highest rating of ‘low risk’ all areas of performance, concluding: “Controls are robust in all relevant areas to enable the RLA to fully comply with the conditions set out in the Training Provider Authorisation and/or Course Approval issued by Rent Smart Wales.”

The Rent Smart Wales scheme requires all landlords with properties in Wales to be registered and licensed. This includes the requirement to undergo professional training with an accredited provider such as the RLA.

Since the association held its first Rent Smart Wales course more than 12 months ago thousands of landlords have completed training both in the classroom and online.

Robert Maccabe, former training manager who set up the Rent Smart Wales training partnership said he was delighted with the findings.

He said:

“The RLA demonstrated it had no significant areas of risk and showed a’ robust’ service and demonstrated best practice in all key areas of the audit.

“This is a real testament to the hard work and professionalism of the RLA Training Team.

“All members and non-members who have completed RSW courses with us can be confident that the training they have received is the very best. Similarly, we hope it will assure those who are yet to sign up that the courses we are providing are of the very highest standard.

Despite the November 2016 deadline for compliance, it was revealed earlier this month that 20% of landlords with homes in Wales are still not registered or licensedwith the Rent Smart Wales scheme.

For more information and to book onto the RLA’s online Rent Smart Wales course click here.