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Rise in Employment Tribunals According to New Statistics


In employment tribunal cases, overall, there has been a rise of 27% for the year 2018/19 when compared with the previous year.

Single claims are up by 14% to 9,700 with multiple cases decreasing by 57% in the quarter April to June 2019.

Multiple cases are those that are taking group action. There were 19,000 multiple claims received in the quarter April to June 2019 and these represent 580 multiple cases with an average of 19 claims per case. Obviously, a single multiple case with a high number of multiple claims can very much skew the statistics.

The increase in single claims can in part be attributed to the employment tribunal fees being abolished in July 2017, when there was a steep rise of 66% in claims in the first quarter following the Supreme Court decision to abolish the fees.

Maximum compensation limits

There are some maximum compensation upper limits, but for some claims, such as discrimination there is no upper limit. The highest award for dismissal in 2018/2019 was £947,585.

Once a claimant is successfully been awarded, that isn’t necessarily the end of the matter, as this doesn’t necessarily mean they will receive the money they are owed.

Fast Track scheme

The Fast Track scheme was introduced in 2010 and this makes it easier for claimants to use High Court enforcement for employment tribunal awards.

There is a £66 fee (which is added to the total amount owed) for the High Court writ. There are several benefits to using the Fast Track Scheme, these include:

  • No minimum award amounts
  • No compliance fees (usually £75 plus VAT)
  • You can add court costs and judgment interest (8% per annum)

The High Court enforcement route is one that High Court Enforcement Group can assist with, they will need to be provided with a copy of the original award along with he court fee of £66, which is payable to HMCTS.

Any Interest and the fee for the writ is also fully recoverable from the defendant and they will always keep you up to date with the progress of your case.

There are very high levels of success if the company is still operational, so acting swiftly can be hugely beneficial.

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