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RICS Urges Female A-level Talent to Consider a Career in Property


The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has issued a fresh call to female A-level talent in Wales to consider a career in the land, property and construction sectors, and help meet increasing demand for a more diverse workforce and profession, whilst bridging the skills gap.

The latest RICS Construction Market Survey for Wales highlighted a significant shortage of surveyors keen to shape the world they live in. In Wales in particular there is an acute shortage of quantity surveyors, holding back growth in the economy.

Lynn Robinson, RICS Regional Director said:

“Unfortunately women only account for just 24% of our student membership. This is a great shame, as there are equal opportunities for women in the industry. But we do recognize that one of the biggest obstacles in attracting more talent from under-represented groups is the influencers, such as teachers, parents and careers advisors who are not aware of the vast range of surveying careers available for all.

“With this in mind – along with the need to alleviate the skills shortage we’re taking steps to raise awareness of the surveying profession amongst young people and its appeal for both sexes. We are about to launch our Inspire 2020 programme, which will involve going into schools and talking to children aged 13-15 about the roles and opportunities available for all in the industry.”

Helen Kane, RICS Chair in Wales, commented:

“There are outstanding opportunities for women and men to shape their world and the abundance and variety of surveying vacancies make this an ideal time to  join the surveying profession. In my 35 years in the Industry I’ve relished all surveying opportunities, including piloting a plane to spot development sites, working on the Olympics site, leading homeless people into secure lives and understanding how neuroscience impacts on our behaviour in our built environment. We need a balance of women and men on such exciting journeys.  It’s a first class career with extensive variety”.

RICS Regional Director, Lynn Robinson adds:

“The increasing use of technology, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), drones, virtual reality and augmented reality, is changing the skill set necessary for many roles in the property industry. This is helping to attract a more diverse range of professionals to the sectors. However, more needs to be done. We need to ensure that an industry that is shaping the world around us is not being decided by one group of people.”

Helen Kane adds:

“We are also facing our most challenging surveying skills shortage in 20 years, which enhances job opportunities.  The property industry – particularly the construction sector – is transforming. With knowledge and relevant work experience, there are no boundaries to the vast range of opportunities for all genders and skill sets.”

So what do surveyors do? In simple terms, without surveyors – nothing would get built. Surveyors design, value and protect all our physical assets around the world – from our homes, airports, schools, shopping outlets to sports stadiums, historic buildings and even roads, lakes and forests.

RICS is also working with vloggers to showcase how an interest in technology, fashion or retail can lead to such a career in surveying.

Download a copy of the RICS Surveying Careers Guide to find out more about the diverse range of roles available in the land, property, construction and infrastructure sectors, including the Apprenticeship routes available:


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