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Why Resilience is Critical in the Modern Workplace


In the modern world of business, resilience is now acknowledged as an important factor, with both individuals and organisations having to address areas such as energy management, mindfulness and emotional awareness in order to thrive.

Here at RW Learning, we offer a vast range of resilience coaching programmes throughout Wales, having supported businesses working in various sectors. From SMEs to global leaders, we work with organisations of all sizes; continuing to fly the flag for resilience in the Welsh business community.

What is Resilience? 

If you are exploring the benefits of a resilient workforce, then it is important that you get to grips with what resilience actually is. Resilience is recognised in the field as an incredibly dynamic process that involves a personal bargaining through life that fluctuates across time, life stage as well as context. With a diverse and complex set of definitions, concepts and approaches, we at RW Learning believe the following definition from Developing resilience: An evidence-based guide for practitioners to explain resilience rather well:

‘Resilience is the successful adaptation to life tasks in the face of social disadvantage or highly adverse conditions’.

How resilience training can see your business flourish

The RW Learning team has searched long and hard to discover that getting the right blend of psychological and physical perspectives will give outstanding results to businesses. Working with some of the greatest industry leaders to do so, we delve deeper into the processes and culture individuals work with on a daily basis. After conducting research into your company and its practices, we can build bespoke solutions that achieve the following outcomes:

  • Promoting personal health.
  • Developing balanced thinking styles.
  • Managing unhelpful emotions.
  • Using interpersonal relationships and resources.
  • Applying strengths, values and purpose.
  • Creating performance-enhancing work/life patterns.

The Whole You

Developing the ‘Whole You’ is part of our Leadership Programme that addresses issues which influence performance. These include how you direct others to get better performance, how people are motivated and other essential skills for leaders to equip themselves and others to be and remain fully ‘optimised’ and successful. Having proven to deliver exceptional outcomes, this programme was born from coaching, training and business psychology disciplines.

Ian Rothwell; Founder of RW Learning says:

“The pace of change continues to increase and the need for a strong resilient workforce has never been greater.  Performing at your best is not down to a single entity, it is a balance of your state of mind, the environment in which you operate, the skills and behaviours you demonstrate and how you look after your body with diet and exercise.”

To learn more about the ‘Whole You' programme and other coaching services available, visit the RW Learning website today.


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