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Request for ‘Nuisance Calls Commission in Wales’ to Help Curb Scam Calls


CPR Call Blocker, the Wales-based firm which manufactures the world’s best selling nuisance call blocking device, has teamed up with Assembly Member Mike Hedges to call for a dedicated Nuisance Calls Commission be set up in Wales, to help curb this ‘blight on the vulnerable.’

CPR Call Blocker is the global best-selling nuisance call blocking device, and its founders have been instrumental in advising the newly-formed Nuisance Calls Commission in Scotland. They are now calling for Wales to follow suit with its own dedicated body, designed to tackle the growing problem of nuisance and scam calls, with Swansea East AM Mike Hedges putting his weight firmly behind the campaign.

Kris Hicks, from CPR Call Blocker, said:

“Nuisance and scam calls are becoming something of an epidemic across the UK, and they are very much a blight on the vulnerable here in Wales.

“Criminals and unscrupulous call centres are continually finding new ways of scamming people, and our own research shows that 15 per cent of consumers in Wales have lost money in one recent 12 month period. Furthermore, 70 per cent of people feel there isn’t enough support out there for victims of telephone scams.

“It is encouraging that within the past few months we have seen the Information Commissioner’s Office levy some weighty fines on offenders, and company bosses will now be held personally accountable, facing fines of up to £500,000 if their firm is found to be making nuisance calls.

“But it is high time for a dedicated Nuisance Calls Commission in Wales, like the one that has now been established in Scotland. This would allow us to step up the fight against nuisance calls by finding effective ways to tackle repeat offenders, making it simpler for those affected in Wales by these calls to take action and to support businesses that opt to do the right thing.

“Just within the last couple of weeks we have highlighted the risks of a fairly new scam, which is being dubbed the ‘can you hear me?’ scam, whereby the rogue caller records a householder’s answers, which can then be used, unbeknownst to them, to approve the purchase of goods or services.

“We see time and again how scam calls can leave people in Wales seriously out of pocket and really affect people’s mental health and well-being. We are at the forefront of using technology to out-fox nuisance callers and it is encouraging to see politicians and public interest bodies taking on the challenge.

“We are very grateful for the support of Mike Hedges AM in this issue – I know Mike has a long-established reputation for giving meaningful support for issues that affect the quality of life of local people and I look forward to working with him further on this.”

Mike Hedges AM said:

“I firmly support CPR Call Blocker’s call to establish a Nuisance Calls Commission in Wales. It is very important that we take a similarly robust approach here in Wales to that of our neighbours in Scotland.

“We have a growing population of older people in Wales – though the elderly are by no means the only people vulnerable to scam and nuisance calls – and it is important that we concentrate our efforts on keeping them secure and free from unnecessary anxiety. We are all aware there is a growing, worldwide ‘industry’ dedicated to targteting people with scam and nusiance calls, and we need to meet this challenge with as much vigour as we can.”

The CPR Call Blocker device plugs into a landline and allows users to block unwanted calls at the touch of a button and is already pre-programmed with up to 5000 known rogue callers.