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Rent vs License Fees – You Decide


This article has been submitted by Ad Hoc

Renting a property can be an overwhelming process for anyone especially in a real estate market that is as inflated as the UK’s. Between saving for initial deposits, seeking out the right location, and finding an affordable price, it’s no wonder so many people are left exhausted at all of the options.

For example, in Wales’ coastal city of Swansea, a small three-bedroom house in the rental market can run someone up about £775 pcm. Keep in mind this cost doesn’t include additional bills as well as the excessive amount of fees for things such as an applicant application (£250), guarantor application (£90), company let application (£360) and much more. This small three-bedroom home would eat away at your pockets and saving to buy a home would become a distant reality.

With prices for homes sitting as high as they are and numerous fees and bills waiting to pile up, people are in need of an alternative solution. So, how does one live in a nice area close to amenities all the while being able to save? Ad Hoc has the answer with its “Property Occupation Model”. The aim is to occupy the thousands of vacant homes around Wales by placing individuals into them where they can live at approximately 60% of the market rate and save up until they find a more permanent solution.

Take this property for instance; this large multi-bedroom home is located in the same coastal area in Swansea. It is part of Ad Hoc’s property occupation scheme and will cost someone £200 pcm, with no additional bills and parking included. Individuals get the opportunity to live in a thriving neighbourhood situated only 3.2 miles from the city centre with amenities such as shopping, restaurants, entertainment and transit all within walking distance.

So, affordable rent, thriving neighbourhoods, the ability to save and an overall quality living experience: what isn’t there to love about this solution?

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