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Remaining Composed in a Challenging Marketplace


As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine rattles global markets, Business News Wales spoke with Gail de ‘Claire, investment manager at Charles Stanley, about how to manage portfolios during the current crisis.

Investors are understandably concerned about how to position their portfolios in light of the war in Ukraine and its impact on the stock market.

‘It’s a very difficult time for buys and sells,’ says Gail. ‘It’s best to sit and wait for events to unfold.’

She advises that investors remain patient and composed and do not sell at the stress levels currently being experienced in the market.

Gails also discusses how investors have had to become “chameleons” following the disruption caused by Covid and now the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

She adds that she expects to see a further rebalancing of portfolios over the next two years because of the effect of ESG issues and the growing impact of renewable energy.

Listen to Gail de ‘Claire’s advice below



*Investment involves risk. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns*

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