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Register with COP CYMRU to Help Fight Climate Change


Wales has its very own nationwide climate action campaign – and if you’re not involved already, now is the time to join.

With the latest, information, ideas, and advice, COP CYMRU gives you and your organisation a direct way to become part of the solution to the climate emergency.

Register with COP CYMRU for free access to live virtual events, on-demand content, fringe events and lots more. COP CYMRU is the network that enables nationwide action – explaining what we can all do to help decarbonise Wales and avert

This month, registration enables you to attend the live COP26 Regional Roadshows virtually – in Mid Wales on 6 November, South West Wales on 8 November, and South East Wales on 10 November.

COP Cymru is an opportunity for all of us to help shape Wales’ future.”

Wales’ Minister for Climate Change, Julie James.

You’ll also be able to participate in Wales Climate Week taking place between 22 and 26 November. The 5-day programme of virtual events kick-starts a nationwide conversation on Wales’ net zero strategy, and the action we can and must all take to ensure a safe and sustainable climate for future generations – not just in Wales, but for the world.

Open to all, Wales Climate Week is about helping people understand what Wales has already achieved, what changes we can expect in the next five years, and how together, we can shape the future.

Each day’s programme will take on a different theme and include presentations, discussions involving a wide range of organisations and experts. Registered delegates can watch sessions live, leave comments and ask questions as part of the virtual audience.

Day 1 (Monday 22 November): Wales and the world

Hear from government ministers, leading scientists, international partners, and youth ambassadors setting  setting the scene for Wales Climate Week, as we bring together the views and thoughts of a nation.

Day 2 (Tuesday 23 November): Energy and emissions

Exploring the new ways of removing carbon from our energy systems. How do we reduce our reliance on traditional energy sources, and how can we make greater use of renewable energy?

Day 3 (Wednesday 24 November) How Wales is responding to the climate emergency

What has to be in place to enable net zero? Exploring actions from different sectors of the economy to drive the change

Day 4 (Thursday 25 November): Exploring the role of nature in climate resilience

Working with nature is an important route towards preserving our climate and achieving net zero. Here we explore the most effective actions, on land and at sea, to reduce the impact of climate change.

Day 5 (Friday 26 November): How individual choices impact the world climate.
How can everyone make a contribution to net zero Wales? This session will explore the difference each of us can make – at home, in work and in our community.

 Register as a COP CYMRU member here


COP Cymru is a series of events that provide an opportunity for stakeholders and everyone in Wales to engage in important conversations about climate change through:

– The launch of the new Net Zero Wales Plan on 28 October where Ministers will set out the next stage in our pathway (2021 to 2025) to net zero by 2050.
– Four Regional Roadshow events across Wales (between 4 and 10 November) highlighting examples of best practice and allowing participants to engage in important conversations around the key COP26 Presidency Programme themes. All Regional Roadshows are open to the public as virtual events.
– Wales Climate Week (from 22 to 26 November) a five-day nationwide conversation on the Net Zero Wales plan and the collective action needed, to ensure Wales meets its climate change targets and adapts to the changing weather patterns we are already experiencing.

All COP Cymru events will be broadcast live on the Live Content page. Registered delegates can also access ‘on-demand’ content, information on fringe events and other resources, or contact the organisers of Wales Climate Week by navigating our home page menu options.


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