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Recruitment Solutions Wales Appoint New Regional Business Development Manager


Recruitment Solutions Wales, a recruitment agency servicing the Welsh Manufacturing, Logistics, Professional Services and Engineering sectors, has this week announced some exciting news regarding their own team, welcoming Catherine Evans; their new Regional Business Development Manager.

Having previously worked for RSW, Catherine is excited to be back at the agency and eager to get her teeth stuck into the new role, showcasing her talents and drive. Wanting to share her visions for the new position, Business New Wales delve deeper into Catherine’s previous and future endeavours.

Tell us a little bit about your professional background

I spent 16 years in the medical field, which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, later on in my career I decided to have a change and was always interested in the world of recruitment. I was initially recruited as an Account Manager at RSW then left to pursue a sales-based role at another recruiter two years ago. I am incredibly thrilled to return to RSW and be given this fantastic opportunity to do what I love the most; sell.

What will your new role entail?

I see the role as being an ambassador for RSW, I have such passion for sales but also believe in delivering an excellent service. With my background of servicing I can certainly understand client needs and be realistic on the outcome. My new role entails driving the business forward during this exciting growth period, serving existing clients while highlighting new opportunities for RSW.

Has the business changed much since you were last working at RSW?

The model of RSW has changed since I was last there. We have a stronger team of key people in place within the business and with their wealth of knowledge I believe we can take the business to new heights. Also, the Service team is long-standing which says a lot about a company and is equally as passionate about RSW; we all have the same vision.

What would you say the biggest challenges recruitment agencies are facing at present and how is RSW overcoming this?

There is a lot of competition and sadly some agencies are not reputable, this can certainly give a bad name to agencies. However, this only makes us work harder to gain business and the trust of both the client and candidate.

Candidates that come to us have often been let down by many agencies through wrongly being paid, or the promise of work that never materialises. At RSW it is our aim to work alongside candidates and employers to encourage perfect employment matches.

What are your plans for the new role?

Within my new role I will continue to build relationships, ensuring RSW remains at the forefront of modern recruitment. This will be achieved through creating brand awareness and working closely with employers and candidates. Over the years I have found that great businesses only work with great people, therefore building a team of helpful, knowledgeable individuals is my aim.

If you wish to learn more about the award-winning recruitment services the business has to offer, be sure to head over to their new website today