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Radnor Trials its New VITS Brand with Welsh Care Home


Wales’ award-winning water and soft drinks manufacturer Radnor Hills has been trialling its new vitamin D spring water drink with a Powys care home.

Staff and residents at The Oaks Care Home in Newtown were put on a two-week trial of Radnor Vits, the first vitamin D flavoured spring water in Tetra Pak® packages.

The new drink has been designed to help people easily achieve their daily vitamin D dose. About one in five people in the UK are deficient in vitamin D and numbers are thought to have increased during Lockdown with people staying indoors.

Public Health England and NICE advise that 10 micrograms of vitamin D are needed every day for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Too little vitamin D can lead to bone pain and muscle weakness in adults, which may also increase the risk of falls in older people.

William Watkins, Managing Director of Radnor, said:

“We are delighted with the response from the trial of our new Vits drink with staff and residents of The Oaks Care Home.

“Between April and September, most people should be able to get the vitamin D they need from direct sunlight on the skin when they are outdoors.

“But as a result of national restrictions for Covid-19, many care home residents have stayed indoors more than usual over the Spring and Summer.

“We have designed Vits as a once-a-day vitamin and minerals boost, which increases a person’s daily intake of vitamin D and other recommended vitamins and minerals up to 200%.”

Emma Nicholas-Pugh, Manager of The Oaks Care Home, said:

“The welfare of our residents is our highest priority. During lockdown, many have had to stay indoors more than usual so it was great to trial Vits, which provides their daily dose of Vitamin D in one lovely easy to use drink.

“Our residents reported that they loved the taste of the drink and they really enjoyed them, and our staff on the trial were reassured that the drinks boosted their daily vitamin D.”

One of The Oaks residents, Shirley Mills, said:

“It’s nice to have different flavours and to try something new, especially as summer is coming. I like taking my Vits in the afternoon with our afternoon games and bingo sessions.”

Resident Frances Rogers said:

“I love the Lemon & Lime Vits.”

Resident Olwyn Frances said:

“My favourite Vits is Lemon & Lime. It made me feel more jolly and happier from drinking them.”

Isabelle Titley, 26, activity co-ordinator at the home, said:

“We have been in lockdown for so long which has not made it easy to naturally boost my own vitamin D levels in the sunlight. Being an activity co-ordinator, my job is to be energetic and lively so I’ve made Vits part of my breakfast so I can start the day off right. I particularly enjoyed the Apple & Raspberry flavour.”

Gary Munday, 61, a maintenance man at The Oaks Care Home, said:

“Since drinking my daily Lemon & Lime Vits I’ve felt more energised in the mornings and have also noticed an improvement in the arthritis I get in my knees.”