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Providing The Right Support To Help Businesses To Start Their NetZero Journey


As part of a new series supporting SMEs on their journey to net zero, and the potential benefits they can gain from taking action, Business News Wales spoke to members of the SME Taskforce in Wales, to gather their insight.

With SMEs playing a critical part in the British economy, especially across Wales, it is estimated that half of the UKs carbon reduction can be delivered by the SME sector, which should see them at the centre of the UKs net zero ambition.

In this episode, Kevin Morgan, Regional Director at Natwest Cymru talks about the decarbonisation financial case, not only being the right thing to do but also how supply chains can be improved.

Alongside highlighting positive perspectives of SMEs starting their net zero journey, Kevin discusses the NatWest Carbon Tracker that can be the starting process for so many. With four key highlights, the Carbon tracker looks to:

1.      Measure a start point of the carbon footprint.

2.      Help identify potential cost and carbon savings.

3.      Help generate a tailored plan to start reducing emissions and maximise return on investment.

4.    Provide an ongoing ability to track carbon reduction progress.


SMEs have a key role to play in decarbonisation – as well as plenty to gain in potential business growth as a result.

But with pressures including rising energy prices, global supply-chain issues and a challenging labour market, SMEs are facing tighter cash flows and many fear for the future of their businesses.

And that’s leading to many SMEs seeing carbon reduction as a problem for another day.

The Wales SME Climate Taskforce is a collaboration which aims to help SMEs see climate action as a priority and a key part of resilience planning, and to signpost them to support which could help them to take action and to unlock the potential benefits.

The Taskforce Made up of representatives of ACCA Cymru, Business Wales, BITC Cymru, British Business Bank, Cynnal Cymru/Sustain Wales, FSB Wales, and NatWest Cymru


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