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20 May 2024

Programme Aims to Support Red Meat Supply Chain From Farm to Fork

Red meat promotion agency Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) is recruiting young people from all areas of the supply chain to be the first ever members of a new programme.

Meat Minds is a new initiative which aims to bring passionate and enthusiastic individuals together to develop their knowledge and experience of industry structure and red meat production from farm to fork.

By participating in a total of five themed days and one other day with an assigned mentor in the workplace, the successful applicants will benefit from making invaluable Welsh, UK and global connections. They will also be given an opportunity to work collectively as a group on an industry focused project of their choice, with the aim of producing results, new information and data to inform the industry as a whole.

HCC’s Senior Market Intelligence and Research and Development Officer, Elizabeth Swancott said:

“We are very excited to be launching this new programme and are looking forward to providing individuals with a whole host of worthwhile experiences and opportunities.

“We are targeting people between the age of 21-35 and they could be farmers, processors, butchers, retailers or chefs – or anyone else who is involved in the red meat supply chain. They must be passionate about red meat production and promotion, interested in research and development and keen to see developments within the industry.

“During the six days of the programme, which will be spread across 12 months, we will introduce the group to assigned industry mentors which will lead to a practical experience in the workplace. We will also present themed modules with expert speakers on topics ranging from the farmed environment to processing and consumer awareness, and encourage them to work on a research project to inform the industry.”

She added:

“In addition, there will be optional opportunities for the members to work with HCC on future promotional activity and become informed spokespeople for our red meat sector here in Wales.

“If you would like to be amongst the first members of Meat Minds, have knowledge, understanding and ideas on how to develop the sector in the future but are also keen to develop and learn even more, apply today.”

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 7 June. The application form can be downloaded from the HCC website.

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