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Post Covid-19 – The Importance of Effective People Management


Acorn Recruitment’s Group Marketing Director Dan Langford, explains why we should never forget the importance of effective people management once this pandemic is over, and appreciate the challenges our HR colleagues have been dealing with during this time.

Human Resources is an area that can often be regarded by many as the department that just helps with recruitment, interviews and wages. During this Covid-19 outbreak, however, the HR department has been pivotal to the support, understanding and communications to management and staff alike.

I work with many HR directors and managers across the UK. They are multi-skilled professionals who support the businesses they work for by guiding the best recruitment and development practices, to ensure their organisation attracts, nurtures and retains the very best people; ultimately contributing hugely to the overall performance of the organisation.

And no one can deny that the coronavirus outbreak has shone a very bright spotlight on the significance of reliable HR expertise, and the impact our HR teams are having on the wellbeing of individuals, on the organisation as a whole, and importantly therefore, on the bottom line and brand reputation.

At the moment, HR professionals are navigating the furlough and the Government’s Job Retention Scheme, dealing with complex employment law, and ensuring we are all looking after our health and wellbeing; whilst remaining productive and staying safe away from the workface.

These people are the first port of call, the place managers and employees go to get advice, information and more importantly reassurance, that the company they work for is doing all it can to safeguard the business during this lockdown. The importance of effective people management has never been so acute. Communication, understanding, urgency and empathy are pivotal in keeping morale and work going at this uncertain time and when many of us are having to work remotely. The advice of HR professionals in organisations across the country has been central to many of the leadership decisions, management approach and the overall response to how organisations have directed and supported their employees over recent weeks.

So, I suppose this is my tribute to HR professionals all over the UK. You have had to juggle more balls than most during this pandemic and subsequent lockdown. You have had to step up and support and look after us all, employers and employees alike. Thank you.