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Plans Announced to Reinstate the Llandudno to Liverpool Ferry


This week it has been announced that a private firm are planning on reinstating the Llandudno to Liverpool ferry service, aiming to re-open the day trip in the summer of 2021.

The once very popular service used to link Liverpool to the Welsh resort before heading to the Isle of Man. In service 30 years ago, a group of enthusiasts aim to rebuild this connection, saving a 1958 ferry from being scrapped to do so.

Restorers reportedly purchased the vessel for just £1 for The Endeavour Project, looking to breathe new life into the boat over the coming years. First launched in Hamburg, the vessel has been neglected in Liverpool since 1994, needing some serious restoration work in order to bring it back to its former glory.

The group behind the project says that the two diesel engines will need to be refurbished while the lifeboats have been sent to Norway for a complete overhaul. Many fittings, including the wheel, are also missing, meaning a considerable amount of money will need to be invested to get the ship in working order.

“If we were to build a ship this size, new at the moment, we’d be looking around £25m-£30m,” said Mr Payne, secretary of the Liverpool and North Wales Steam Ship Company.

“We have the basis of a very, very good ship here.”

“You can’t find ships like this any more,” he said.

“There’s not a major UK connection but we want to establish a new connection for this ship so children can have a chance to experience this in 25 years time the way their grandparents did.”

Needing a £3m investment to support the project, the limited company believe the 3-hour day trips will be up and running by 2021, with the German harbour vessel fitting 450 passengers on board at any on given time.

Confident that project supporters are looking at a sound investment, the team is expecting a successful fund-easing round.

“The money is coming from some private investors,” Steve Payne explained.

“We have some fund-raising ourselves and then we’ve had some bequests come in as well.”