Pembrokeshire Coast National Park to Benefit from £50,000 Nature Campaign


Bees, butterflies and their habitat in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park are set to benefit this month from a partnership between the UK’s National Parks and Forest Holidays.

Forest Holidays has today launched their 2019 Black Friday offer called ‘Give Nature a Break’ which will see a £20 donation from every sale made between today and December 3rd to support five species conservation projects in the National Parks. Forest Holidays aims to donate in excess of £50,000 in total, of which the Make More Meadows project will receive a share. Customers will also receive up to 20 per cent off bookings during the same period.

Make More Meadows is aiming to raise funds to create more habitats for pollinators, to protect and restore existing meadows and work with landowners to create new ones.

Tegryn Jones, Chief Executive of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority says:

“This project supports habitats that are crucial for insects that play an essential role in pollinating fruits and vegetables.

“As an added bonus, people will benefit from the added colour and life this wildlife will bring to the National Park landscape.”

Cat Hawkins, Chair of National Parks Partnerships says:

“Forest Holidays’ support this November will make a huge difference to the National Parks’ bees, butterflies and red squirrels. The National Parks are vital places for wildlife but we need more funding to protect it.”

Bruce McKendrick, CEO of Forest Holidays says:

“Every year Black Friday grabs our customers’ attention by offering them great holiday deals. We all know the benefits to physical and mental well-being that come from connecting people with nature, a connection which is intrinsic to quality of life. We believe it’s vital to ensure these natural environments thrive. The many distractions of everyday life mean it’s perhaps easy to take nature for granted but we know our guests care deeply about providing a better deal for nature.  Each day of the year they experience the benefits of spending time together in a natural forest setting, rich in habitat and the wildlife this sustains. We are all enriched by nature, and now it’s time to give nature a break.”