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Are you Paying too Much for Your Business’ Energy Rates?


This article was submitted by General Communications

While TV adverts constantly highlight the fact that we could be saving money on our energy bills, seldom do we react, accepting our energy bills for what they are; a business demand.

Energy plays a pivotal role in the success of any business, but, in some cases, can drain the company bank account. Here at General Communications, our aim is to make UK businesses aware of their options when it comes to energy, displaying a great eagerness to save our clients money. Taking the stress and duty from their hands, here are just a few things you as a business may wish to consider.

Understanding your energy bill  

What we have found is that many businesses have been with the same energy provider and on the same tariff for years, not having the time to shop around and switch providers. This often results in firms overpaying, with a recent report prevailing some striking statistics.

A whopping 63% of businesses don’t intend to switch tariffs in the coming year, with one third of that percentage thinking their current prices are just fine. In addition, 43% of businesses believe competition is limited in the market, not thinking that there is much purpose to changing the process they are currently working with.

This is why it is very important to understand your bill, knowing what you pay for, the tariff you are on, and just how moveable the contract you are signed up to is.

How can General Communications help your business?     

Our business is centred on great communication, giving our highly-valued clients a dedicated account manager to support them in their mission to cheaper rates. Typically, we can save our customers between 10-20% and in some cases up to 50% off their current bill.

Having strong connections with many UK providers, we can offer forward price contracts, allowing us to secure prices at today‘s rates that start in the future. The benefits of this are plentiful, helping customers whose current energy contracts aren't quite finished.

Other benefits of using General Communications when revising your business' energy include:  

  • Bill Validation – Send us your new bill and we will make sure you’re being charged what was agreed.
  • Service Streamlining – We can align all your sites, services and contract end dates, making it simpler to manage your energy movements.
  • Proactive Contract Management – We’ll make sure you never fall into out-of-contract rates again.
  • Proactive Termination Notices – We will manage all communications with your current supplier should you choose to move.

For more information about how General Communications can save your business money on energy, take a look through our brochure today.