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ONS Report: Individuals and Businesses are Threatened by Risks of Cybercrime


This article was submitted by Bowden Jones CyberLaw 

Martyn McGrath, Director at CyberLaw, gives his views on the report published recently by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) that revealed the extent to which individuals and businesses are being threatened by the risks of cybercrime.

New figures published by the Office of National Statistics reveal the extent of threats of cybercrime that individuals and businesses are facing.

According to the Crime in England and Wales: 2016 report, there were 11.5 million incidents of crime relating to computer misuse and fraud offences in 2016. This is the first time that the ONS has published a full year figure for these type of offences.

Incident rates indicate that four in every 100 adults were affected by these kinds of crimes, putting cyber offences on a par with that of criminal damage and vehicle theft. The increase in this area is of particular concern given growing fears for both individuals and businesses around personal data and cyber security.

The report also reveals there were as many as 1.8 million cases of bank card related fraud in 2016, representing a 22 per cent rise from the year before.

The threat of Cybercrime to businesses is one that is more relevant than ever.  It is imperative for firms of all sizes to hire a specialist firm to see them through the relevant steps to ensure they are adequately protected.

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