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North Wales Company Joins Land Rover to Create ‘See-Through’ Trailer Concept


North Wales company teams up with Land Rover to create see-through trailer concept.

A North Wales-based company is working with Land Rover on a see-through trailer concept that would remove the blind spot created when towing a caravan or trailer. Williams Trailers, which is Europe’s biggest trailer retailer, has been providing trailers to the car maker for testing purposes. According to Land Rover, the transparent view provides drivers with the ability to see vehicles coming up behind them. This helps boost driver confidence by improving visibility while manoeuvring.

The innovation combines the video feed from a vehicle’s surround camera system with video from a wireless camera placed on the rear of the caravan or trailer. Together, the video feeds create live video images that make the caravan or trailer behind appear see-through. When the trailer is attached to the car, the live video feed automatically appears in the vehicle’s rear-view mirror. Andrew Reece-Jones, design engineering manager at Williams Trailers, said: “We are delighted to be able to do our bit to help Land Rover with this exciting project.