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New Recruitment Tech Company Launched in South Wales


A new tech company, Talent Ticker, has recently launched in Cardiff.

Talent Ticker is a AI and predictive technology company aimed at helping recruitment companies digitise their businesses. As a start up Talent Ticker is looking at growing its team based in Cardiff and plan to scale at speed employing local people to help its business grow.

Talent Ticker is an ambitious company using technology to reduce inefficiencies, remove admin and save time for recruitment consultants. Talent Ticker displays hiring and firing data, showing recruiters a score out of 100 for the likelihood that a company will be hiring along with the hiring manager details, and also companies who are ‘firing’ giving live candidate pools not yet on job boards due to relocation, downsizing etc.

Talent Ticker’s CEO Nick Vaughan, went to school in Wales and has relocated back to set up Talent Ticker. This is a new venture for Nick who’s previous experience includes setting up a successful Recruitment Company and investing in a range of other businesses. Talent Ticker is an international company and already has offices in London and New York, where it’s technology is currently being utilised.

With lots of technology companies opening in Wales it’s great to see a growing company such as Talent Ticker already employing local tech talent and university graduates.

Here’s what Talent Ticker’s CEO Nick Vaughan has to say on the topic;

“Whilst I have always worked in London & NYC, we’re loving our new home in Cardiff. Cardiff offers lots to a startup or to any business considering relocation. Wales has excellent support for businesses setting up here and can provide many benefits for employers. We’ve received a great calibre of applications at a good range of levels and experience too which has been great to see. Cardiff is fast becoming a tech hub where we can tap into the best tech talent in the world.”