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New Project to Promote Welsh in the Workplace Targets Local Businesses


In a Cabinet meeting on 14 March, Cered Menter Iaith Ceredigion was authorised to run a new Welsh in the Workplace project which will target local businesses and organisations to promote the use of the Welsh language.

The project – funded mainly through a grant awarded to Cered by the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Wales Development Programme 2014 – 2020 – will employ a Business Officer to work with partners within the county.

The Business Officer will promote the use and the value of the Welsh Language to businesses and the workplace as well as to promote the use of the Welsh language through marketing activities and promote business (including Social Media) using the Welsh language as a unique selling point.

The project will also liaise with local employers to identify employment opportunities where there is a need and demand for Welsh language skills and from that, make local students and learners aware of the opportunities.

Cered Manager, Lynsey Thomas said, “Many public sector organisations already have Welsh in the workplace policies, so targeting private businesses is a more effective way of achieving our aims. I’m sure the new project will allow us promote the Welsh Language and support businesses more effectively in Ceredigion.”

The project will satisfy the Single Integrated Plan which requires the Council to ensure that people in Ceredigion have the skills and support to secure employment and that Ceredigion’s communities are resilient and its natural environments are valued.