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New Product Offers Further Cyber-Security Protection to Welsh Businesses


Newport-based IT company and cyber security specialist, Certus TG, has launched a cutting-edge cyber security product that will allow businesses using Microsoft Office 365 to back up and recover 100% of their data and provide ongoing protection against both internal and external threats.

Nearly half of all UK businesses experienced data breaches last year alone* and, just as the Petya cyber-attack is affecting firms across the globe in an attack similar to Wannacry that hit last month, the protection of corporate data is once again at the top of the agenda.

One issue facing many businesses is that while the widely-used Microsoft Office 365 offers a huge number of benefits, including the ability to back up multiple documents from multiple devices and locations into the Cloud, the service has built-in limitations.

Office 365’s Cloud backup only guarantees 30 days of cover for 90 per cent of data. With security breaches happening more frequently, some not only costing thousands to rectify but also compromising efficiency, confidentiality and threatening corporate reputation, many business users are looking for alternative options.

Chief operating officer at Certus TG, Nigel Griffiths, is confident that C-Assure 365 will fill a vital gap in the cyber armory of small and medium-sized businesses that like the benefits of Office 365 but have concerns about the risk to their data.

He said:

“Huge numbers of UK businesses have experienced breaches of their IT systems in the past few years and the problem is growing.  Akin to being burgled, cyber incidents can make one feel helpless and violated.  Protecting customer data, trade secrets or intellectual property, as well as reputation and brand are major considerations, while business continuity and downtime are also critical factors.

“And there are always internal risks.  Human error, such as deletion of critical files or work in progress, rogue apps that overwrite data, the need to retrieve information after an employee has left the company or malicious tampering with data all require a back-up system that is comprehensive and reliable”.

“This is why we have launched C-Assure 365 as a fully-managed solution that provides businesses using Office 365 with full protection of their virtual, physical or cloud environment with data back-up, replication and recovery.”

From 25 May 2018, the EU will introduce some of the most significant changes to data regulations in decades in the form of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The new regulations will encourage organisations to put in place data protection strategies with privacy at the core and, with Brexit negotiations still in full swing, UK businesses will need to comply. With tough penalties in store for businesses that fail to put adequate protection in place, including appropriate backup procedures, this makes the launch of C-Assure 365 a timely addition to the cyber security software market.

Headquartered at Celtic Springs, near Newport, Certus TG provides more than 200 clients across the UK with infrastructure and services – ranging from managed IT support and security to advanced storage solutions, cloud services and desktop virtualisation. Current clients include the Careworks, GoCompare, International Baccalaureate, Julian Hodge Bank, Broomfield & Alexander and Watts Gregory.